All Natural Healing Associates


Sandra Ireland

Owner of All Natural Healing Associates.

Reiki Healer, Reiki Teacher, Reader


  Sandra has always had an open and welcoming soul. It is due to this amazing and loving heart that she continues to strive to help as many people, and animals, as possible. A Reader for many years, she uses multiple tools to help bring peace and love to people's lives. One of her favorite tools is Reiki, on both animals and people to which she utilizes her singing bowl; which opens the heart chakra with its melodious and hypnotic tones. She follows a path of love, warmth, honesty and integrity that exudes from her as soon as you meet her and permeates her beloved shop as well. She believes that all have a place, and can become a part of her spiritual family. 

Donald Moore

Owner of All Natural Healing Associates

Crafter / Artist of jewellry and more


  Donald has an open and welcoming heart who enjoys meeting new people. He, like Sandra, strives to help as many people and animals as possible. Following a path of love, honesty, integrity and hard work, which shows in all that he does and all that he stands for. He is a self taught wire wrapper who uses crystals in his intricately beautiful pieces, all which are unique and one of a kind. Many of his pieces are available at All Natural Healing Associates, and he does custom orders as well.






Amy Sampsell

Amy is the Store Manager here at        All Natural Healing Associates.

She also does classes, workshops, readings, charts, ministry working and spiritual counseling.

Feel free to contact the store for more information

Heather Wallaker

                                                       Heather is a crafter of many intricate crochet items that are on display; and she takes special orders as well.

                                                       Heather is also a Reader at our monthly fairs.






Kimberly Warchol - Smith

Kimberly is the instructor for       Belly Dancing at All Natural Healing Associates.

Feel to sign up for her class, as she makes it fun, informative and a great workout

Melanie Jo Knights

Melanie is the Massage Therapist and Raindrop Therapist at All Natural Healing Associates.

Feel free to set up an appointment with her.

She is available every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month 




We are truly blessed to have so many people, whom have become very close friends, be a part of All Natural Healing Associates by assisting in the continuation of promoting positivity, peacefulness, happiness, love and community.

To find out more about these wonderful people, please click on their names below.


Jessie Timm aka PinkyT

 Elaine Yanni FinkJeff Ross

PinkyT is a tattoo artist, does artwork (which you can find at All Natural Healing Associates and many other places), a candle maker and a person whose heart and soul is as warm and as caring as can be.

Elaine hand draws amazing angel images for a person based on her readings.

Owner of Ross Herbs, Jeff is a familiar face at many of our Fairs and offers herbal advice and products.


Marilyn Morgan

Marilyn is an ordained Minister, Reader and Intuitive that has such a warm and caring soul.